“Donald Trump election will lead the end of Palestinian state”-Israeli Minister

“Donald Trump election will lead the end of Palestinian state”-Israeli Minister

Nov 16, 16
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Israeli Cabinet minister Naftali Bennett with PM netaniyahu

Israeli Cabinet minister Naftali Bennett with PM netaniyahu


Naftali Bennett , a senior Israeli Cabinet minister said the election of Donald Trump has helped create an opportunity for Israel to completely finish  the establishment of a Palestinian state. The remarks by Naftali Bennett reflect sentiment in the nationalist Israeli right wing that Trump’s election could usher in a new era of relations with the United States. While the two countries are close allies, relations were sometimes tense between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because of their vastly different world views.

Bennett last week welcomed Trump’s election, predicting that “the special relationship” with the U.S. would grow stronger and noting that the Republican campaign platform had no mention of a Palestinian state. “The era of a Palestinian state is over,” he declared at the time. he also said “The combination of the changes in the United States, in Europe and the region provide Israel with a unique opportunity to reset and rethink everything.” he added. “I believe that we have to bring alternative new ideas instead of the Palestinian state approach.” “My expectation is not from anyone abroad,” he said. “After many years, the Israeli government has to decide what do we want.

Bennett leads the Jewish Home party, a coalition partner that is affiliated with the West Bank settler movement. He is one of the most influential voices in Israeli politics, and both his party and most members of Netanyahu’s Likud oppose Palestinian statehood on either religious or security grounds. Israeli hard-liners welcomed Trump’s election last week, noting the strong support for Israel in his campaign platform and the many pro-Israel officials who advised him during his campaign.

Bennett’s comments were also an indicator of the pressure Netanyahu could soon face to abandon his commitment to the “two-state solution” favored by Obama and the international community. For two decades, the international community has been pushing for a negotiated peace deal that would include the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza Strip — areas captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war.

In an interview with “Israel Today,” a free daily owned by Republican super-donor Sheldon Adelson, Trump said he believed his administration can play “a significant role” in helping the Mideast parties reach an agreement. on the other hand, Netanyahu told his Cabinet on Sunday that he would soon be meeting Trump. He ordered his Cabinet and lawmakers to avoid speaking to the media about the election while the incoming U.S. administration formulates its policies


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