29 November, The International Palestinian Solidarity Day today

29 November, The International Palestinian Solidarity Day today

Nov 29, 16
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International solidarity day of Palestine

International solidarity day of Palestine


Today 29 November, the world is observing the International Solidarity Day with the Palestinian People. The day is a United Nations-organized observance. Events are held at UN headquarters in New York and UN offices in Geneva and Vienna, with other observances under government and civic sponsorship around the world. It is generally held on November 29 each year to mark the anniversary of Resolution 181, passed by the UN General Assembly in 1947 to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab states. Palestine was at that time still under the British Mandate. The following year Israel fought its war, and more than 750,000 Palestinians were displaced from their own homes and lands.

In 1977, the General Assembly of the United Nations called for the annual observance of 29 November as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (resolution 32/40 B), with confidence that today, the Palestinians are the victims of brutality and persecution because of the adaptation of Resolution 181 in UN General Assembly 1947, where it has been decided on the partition of  the state of Palestine to make one Jewish State and Another Palestinian (Arab) State. Through this resolution, the Jews who were minority at that time were given more than 70% of the Palestinian land to establish themselves. As a result, most of the Palestinians became refugees & being evicted from their homeland as stateless. They took shelter in the neighboring countries refugee camps and they are living their life in misery as refugees even today. In 1947, on this date, Justice have been drowned which remains the same as today. In this situation, the Palestinians, with their full strength, started the induction of their revolution under the compact Leadership of the late president Yasser Arafat. Many people had sacrificed their own lives for the sake of this revolution, gave up their everything for the freedom and independence of the Palestinian state. Still today, the Palestinians are letting their valuable lives.

In marking the 69th anniversary of the adoption of UN General Assembly Resolution 181 (the Partition Plan) and the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, PLO Executive Committee Member, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi said: “This anniversary marks an occasion in which the international community decided to intervene negatively, and thus began the tragedy of Palestine. No matter how many days of solidarity we have, the fact of this grave injustice remains, particularly since there has never been any concrete engagement to challenge Israel’s impunity or to put an end to its continued expansionism and its flagrant violations of international law and international humanitarian law.”


The International Solidarity Day of Palestine has been observed all around the world today. Even in Bangladesh, there are different organisations who have arranged different programs at different times of the day. No matter what, Bangladesh shall always support and stand beside the brotherly nation Palestine is been clearly mentioned on the speakers speech. Also the end of Illegal Israeli occupation and make Palestine an independent nation with its capital Jerusalem was the crucial demand for Bangladeshi people. The Head of Palestinian Diplomatic Mission of Bangladesh, H.E. Mr. Yousef S.Y.  Ramadan has expressed his gratitude for the people and the Government of Bangladesh and said that “Palestinian people shall never give up their legitimate right of self determination as well as return to their homeland and establish their own independent state with its capital, the Holy city of Jerusalem. With the support of our brothers of Bangladesh and rest of the world, we shall continue our revolution till the end.”


Also the Honorable Prime minister of Bangladesh has reiterated the support in favour of establishing the State of Palestine ending the illegal Israeli occupation. She said in her message, ” Bangladesh joins the international community in reaffirming its commitment to the inalienable right of the people of Palestine to self-determination and support to their five-decade long struggle for peace, stability and justice. Having experienced aggression and crimes against humanity during the War of Liberation in 1971, Bangladesh condemns the heinous attacks on the people of Palestine, and denounces the illegal settlements, including the expansion plans, and any other action by the occupying force, that obstructs negotiations towards a viable two-State solution.”


The international community strongly supports the resumption and continuation of the negotiating process with Israel and other powers, and an end to unilateral actions that may predetermine the outcome of the negotiations. Given the extensive settlement by Jews in the Occupied Territories, encouraged by successive Israeli governments since 1967, and given the ever more rightward trend of the current Netanyahu regime, rapid progress toward Palestinian self-determination and toward a tangible improvement in the Palestinian economy and living conditions, still seems far off.

international solidarity day of palestine

international solidarity day of Palestine

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