Name:                                                 MR. YOUSEF SALEH Y. RAMADAN


Date of Birth:                                  31 DECEMBER, 1960


Nationality:                                     PALESTINIAN


Education:                                       BACHELORS DEGREE IN POLITICAL SCIENCE


Work Experience:

1983-1986                                       THIRD SECRETARY, DIPLOMATIC MISSION IN AFGHANISTAN


1986-1992                                       SECOND SECRETARY, DIPLOMATIC MISSION IN NORTH KOREA 


1992-1993                                       FIRST SECRETARY, DIPLOMATIC MISSION IN ZIMBABWE


1993-2010                                      FIRST SECRETARY AND CONSULAR, MINISTER IN CHINA


2010-2012                                      DEPUTY HEAD OF DIPLOMATIC MISSION, ABU DHABI


2014-2015                                      DEPUTY HEAD OF DIPLOMATIC MISSION, BANGLADESH


2015- Present                              AMBASSADOR  EXTRAORDINARY & PLENIPOTENTIARY, BANGLADESH