H.E. Mr. Yousef S.Y. Ramadan

H.E. Mr. Yousef S.Y. Ramadan

The Message of the Head of Mission


First of all, Thanks to the Government and People of Bangladesh for being beside Palestinians.


The relationship between Palestinian and Bangladesh started since the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. As solitary representative of the Palestinian people, The P.L.O recognized Bangladesh from the early glory of 1971. People who fought and sacrificed their precious lives for the sake of the independence and liberty deserve not only our recognition but also the recognition of all nations in the world who are in favor of world peace & humanity.  The foundation stone of the brotherly relationship was established by the two masters of freedom fighters – Yasser Arafat and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.


Bangladesh is the country that stood beside Palestine all the way through and all the time in every aspect. The People of Bangladesh fought side by side with their Palestinian brothers for the sake and protection of the values and principles. In this way, many Bangladeshi freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty of Palestine and Jerusalem.  The Palestinian people and their leaders salute such sacrifice and bow their heads in respect to those martyrs who will always be remembered.


We will always feel proud of our brothers & sisters from Bangladesh and shall never forget the tremendous support that they have provided us since the very day of their liberation in 1971. As Palestinians, we shall always feel in debt of the favor of great Bangali leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, whose dynamic leadership established the relation between the two countries since then till today.


The people of Palestine also appreciate the continuous support of all other Bangladeshi Leaders especially Sheikh Hasina, the honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, who enkindled the torch of her father and walking through his path till today. With a view of supporting Palestine, Her eminent speech at the United Nations has played a significant impact in raising more and more support from other nations.  As a diplomatic mission in Dhaka, our task is to develop this splendid brotherly tie between our two Governments and further enhance people-to-people relations.


Finally, I would like to reiterate my intention to make an all-out effort to further develop the existing brotherly relation between Palestine and Bangladesh.


Thank You


Yousef S. Y. Ramadan


Embassy of the State of Palestine, Dhaka

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