Embassy Offer Services

The Embassy of the state of Palestine, Dhaka

The Embassy of the state of Palestine, Dhaka

Embassy Offered Services


Welcome to the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • Create Awareness to the People of Bangladesh about the current Palestinian condition and illegal Israeli occupation. Also edify about the actual history of Palestine.

  • Update with all the latest news and affairs regarding Palestine.

  • Works as Student councilor for Palestinian students.

  • Arrange admission for the Palestinian students in different educational institutions like Engineering, Medical, public & private Universities etc in Bangladesh.

  • Arrange procedure for admission and different training courses in Military & defense academy in Bangladesh for Palestinians.

  • Certificate verification for authorities upon request/query.

  • Renew Passport and VISA for Palestinians staying in Bangladesh

  • Attestation of documents associated with business and related of Palestine and other Arab countries whose Embassy office is not present in Bangladesh.


Thank You.

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